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We Have Experienced Team Who Work Based on Innovation on Our Core Values by Focusing on The Needs of The Client. Accordingly, We Provide Effective Management and Financial Solutions That Address the Specific Challenges and Needs of Each Customer and The Uniqueness of His Operations and Business.

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Management Consultancy

Areas Covered Under Management Consultancy Are the Admin, Production, Marketing, Finance, Graphic Analysis and Cost Reduction. Some of The Objectives of Management Consulting Are to Reduce and Rationalize Spending, Make Impartial Recommendations to Organizations, As Well As Develop Individuals and Refine Their Skills to Carry Out Their Work.

  1. Draw Strategic Plan Including Different Operational Phases
  2. Preparing and Modifying the Organizational Structure
  3. Analysing and Making Recommendations on Statistics and Data
  4. Crisis and Risk Management
  5. Preparing Feasibility for Scientific Research and Training Courses for Employees
  6. Comprehensive Management Oversight Planning
  7. Supervising the Practical quality of Performance
  8. Advertising and Promotion Strategies
  9. Writing Professional CVs

Financial Consultancy

Financial Advisory Is One of the Tools of Organization’s Success, and Access to the Maximum Profits. It Helps Organizations to Overcome the Financial Problems that Can Be Exposed to, Assess the Size of the Market in Terms of Current and Future Supply and Demand, and It Assists Assessment of Market Trends. The Existence of a Financial Strategy in Organizations Ensures Progress and Stability Away from Future Risks.

  1. Prepare Financial Policies and Plans
  2. Study and Evaluate the Financial Situation and Propose Solutions and Alternatives
  3. Preparing Financial Alternatives to Develop the Company's Business Activity According to the Strategic Data
  4. Analysis and Evaluation of Financial and Accounting Aspects
  5. Preparation of Financial and Accounting Policy and Procedures
  6. Preparation of Budget Policies and Procedures
  7. Preparation of Financial Reporting Regulations, Procedures, and Cost Accounting
  8. Preparation of Internal Control Policies and Procedures
  9. Preparation Policies, Procedures, Contracts of Procurement and Warehouses
  10. Conduct Financial Review and Analysis of Company's Financial Position and Submit a Report
  11. Study and Design the Accounting and Financial System
  12. Develop Procurement and Commitment Policies
  13. Assisting Individuals in Reviewing and Evaluating Loans and Obligations and Proposing Appropriate Terms and Conditions for the Client's Position
  14. Preparation of Procedures and Financial Control of Assets and Inventory
  15. Study Financial Alternatives for Companies to Develop the Company's Business Activity According to the Strategic Data.
financial consultancy
marketing consultancy

Marketing Consultancy

Marketing Consulting is Marketing Advises Related to the Local and International Market, The Product and the Customer and How to Mix the Product, the Customer and the Market to Reach to Best Marketing Plan for the Product and Service. It is One of the Most Important Tools Used in the Modern Era. The Success of Organizations Depends on their Ability to Keep Abreast of Technology and Modern Marketing Means by Meeting the Needs of Current and Future Customers Through Market Analysis and Marketing Plans, which Include Market Study, Competitors, Current and Prospective Customers and Consumer Surveys. Modern Organizations Willing to Grow Economically and Commercially Develop Long-Term and Short-Term Marketing Plans

  1. Study of Targeted Market
  2. Study of Competitors
  3. Marketing & Advertising Strategies for the Best Reach of Client
  4. E-marketing Through E-mail, SEO, Paid Advertising, Social Networking Channels, and Also Through Websites and Mobile Applications
  5. Plan How to Deliver the Marketing Message to the Target Customers
  6. Prepare Plans and Time Lines to Implement Marketing Campaigns (Specific Season)
  7. Awareness of Competitors Advertising Strategies and Their Marketing Message

Human Resource Consultancy

Human Resources is One of the Vital Department in the Modern, which is Concerned with how to Use the Human Element Efficiently and it has Strategic Importance in the Success of Organizations Which is Based on Qualified and Able Employees to Perform Their Work. Human Resources is the Most Important Element of the Production Process and the Presence of Excellent Competencies and Capable of Performing is Must. The Increase in Productivity Depends on the Horizontal and Vertical Expansion; Horizontal Expansion is the Increase in the Number of Labours, Machinery, Equipment and Tools. The Vertical Expansion is by Raising the Level of Labour Efficiency by Providing Skilled and Qualified Workers.

  1. Human Resource Management Strategies
  2. Human Resources Applications and Software
  3. Organizational Policy & Procedure for Human Resources, and Performance Management & Evaluation Systems
  4. Incentive and Compensation Systems
  5. Recruitment Consultancy
  6. Job Analysis and Evaluation, Job Descriptions and Job Classification
  7. Develop the Competency Framework
  8. Manpower Planning, Job Mapping and Classification of Tasks and Authorities
human resources consultancy
economic consultancy

Economic Consultancy

Economic Consultation is Vital for Economic Projects Success and Plays A Role in the Development of Institutions Searching for Investment Opportunities that Have A Good Economic Return as it Benefits in the Planning of the Project Strategies and Contribute to Increase Productivity of Service, Commercial and Industrial Institutions. As it Provides the Client with All Country Market and Economy Data & Statistics, The Absorption Capacity of Proposed Products and Services, It Also Determines the Current and Future Demand for the Proposed Products. It Illustrates the Nature of Competition in the Local Market and the Possibility of Exporting to Neighbouring Countries. As Well As Financial, Organizational and Administrative Plans, all in Order to Achieve the Highest Success Rates for Projects. Economic Consulting Provides the Client with Comprehensive Plans in Terms of Marketing, Financial, Technical and Administrative Aspects.

  1. Study of Local Market and Export Plans
  2. Marketing Study
  3. Overall Project Feasibility
  4. Admin Study and Manpower Planning
  5. Environmental study
  6. Analysis of Projects Risks and Advantages
  7. Business Plans