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Commercial & Service Sector

The service sector is an important component of any country’s economy. It makes a direct and significant contribution to GDP and job creation, and provides crucial inputs for the rest of the economy, thus having a significant effect on the overall investment climate, which is an essential determinant of growth and development. Some service sectors such as the health, education, water and sanitation sectors are also directly relevant to achieving social development objectives. Many services are key inputs to all or most other business e.g. infrastructure services such as energy, telecommunications and transportation; financial services which facilitate transactions and provide access to finance for investment; health and education services which contribute to a healthy, well-trained workforce; and legal and accountancy services which are part of the institutional framework required to underpin a healthy market economy. These service sectors are thus a key part of the investment climate, and can have a much wider impact on overall business performance and the level of investment, and hence growth and productivity in the economy