Ladies Photo Studio

The project is worthy and important to women's need for privacy as well as represents a job opportunity for them, and can expand by increasing the number of branches in the future. The project includes personal & event photography of, weddings, women celebrations, and Personal photography as official pictures for official papers. The studio offers competitive prices to compete with other studios and with specific services for women can become distinctive studio, which will increase demand and thus increase the profits. Young female in the art of photography drives the idea of the project because there are currently no training courses for the professional photography of women thus the studio will be providing the same.

Internal Rate of Rate in Capital Budgeting Measures the Profitability of Potential Investment, it is a discount rate that makes the net present value (NPV) of all cash flows from a particular project equal to zero.

Payback period shows how long it takes for the return of investment, it does not show what the return on investment is.

Total Capital of the Project : 50,000 OMR
Internal Rate of Return : 70 %
Payback Period : 1 year & 6 months

Financial Indicators can fluctuate according to total invested capital of the Project, This Project can be established with different Total Capital depending on size of Project.

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