Paper Recycling Plant for Produce Printing Papers

Paper recycling Plant is the recycling of used papers to produce new paper used for multiple purposes such as printing papers, books, magazines and newspapers. The paper-recycling project uses 80% of used papers and 18% of the long or short fiber pulp, the alum solution and some industrial detergents in addition to large amounts of water for cleaning. The most important stages of paper recycling are: 1. Collection and sorting 2. Cutting 3. Dissolution or chemical washing 4. Kneading stage 5. Formation and manufacturing 6. Squeezing or draining 7. Drying 8. Polishing

Internal Rate of Rate in Capital Budgeting Measures the Profitability of Potential Investment, it is a discount rate that makes the net present value (NPV) of all cash flows from a particular project equal to zero.

Payback period shows how long it takes for the return of investment, it does not show what the return on investment is.

Total Capital of the Project : 250,000 OMR
Internal Rate of Return : 50 %
Payback Period : 2 years

Financial Indicators can fluctuate according to total invested capital of the Project, This Project can be established with different Total Capital depending on size of Project.

• A3 Papers
• A4 Papers